Each project is unique. Some are permanent. Some are for temporary or seasonal display. Successful sculpture installation requires site preparation and coordination. Sincerus will work with you and navigate the process from beginning to end to ensure your sculpture is properly installed and captures the visual effect you are after.

Sincerus coordinates with architects, equipment vendors and other contractors such as electricians and landscapers. This ensures your artwork will look as beautiful in it’s intended environment as it did when you finished the piece in your studio.

  • Large project – Experience working with riggers, contractors, & movers
  • Getting the sculpture safely to the site and secured in place
  • Small project – experience of adding the personal details
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Capturing the shape and details of your maquette or small sculpture sample is critical in creating an accurate foam form. Sincerus is able to accomplish this with our advanced high-resolution 3D scanner. If you want to create detailed miniatures, we are able to digitally convert your original artwork via rapid prototyping.

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Sincerus provides artists a range of mold making capabilities. Our name is based on the “lost wax” technique that has been practiced well over 500 years(?). Our molds include:

  • Silicone rubber
  • Plaster
  • Fiberglass

We are fully equipped to pour and chase the wax positive and use it in our bronze casting process.

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Sincerus is a foundry at heart. We have a wealth of casting services and the ability to help you create your work of art in a variety of materials:

  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Plastic resin
    • Infused with bronze
    • Infused with marble

Once the casting is completed, our craftsmen will assemble your work of art. Because we are artists at heart, preserving the right angles and gestures of your original design is one of the most important objectives in assembling.>

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Your bronze artwork is often a one-of-a kind or a limited production, at most. Weather, debris and human interaction will take its toll and, over time, your work of art will show the wear and tear of time. Sincerus has a full range of repair and maintenance services:

  • Damage & vandalism repair
  • Recreation of broken or missing sections
  • Size: delicate to the large public displays
  • Repatina
  • Renewal from the ravages of years of weather & environmental challenges

If your statuary does not seem as stunning as it did when it was installed, give us a call and we will come and assess the damage and expertly repair it to its former glory.

The Bronze Legacy Maintenance Program – This service is designed to keep your artwork in tact and looking great by addressing and repairing any damage before it becomes a major problem. Often, the changes and cracks develop over time that it’s difficult to notice the damage before it’s too late. By enrolling in the Bronze Legacy program, you will have peace of mind knowing your statuary will endure over multiple generations.

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Sincerus provides the artist and patron complete Project Management & Sculptural Services. There are many moving parts and details that reach beyond the actual piece of art. We have turnkey and advisory services from initial design to installation and ongoing maintenance.

  • Defining the scope
  • Conveying the story
  • Site location
  • Site preparation
  • Supporting details
  • Structural engineering
  • Lighting
  • Flag & pennant poles
  • Masonry & concrete
  • Vandalism & thief deterrents
  • Liability mitigation
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